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The PREVENT Group, LLC is a law enforcement and public safety consulting firm that specializes in offering a wide variety of services to small and medium-sized police agencies providing each client practical, cost-effective solutions.

We address the numerous challenges that today's law enforcement agencies face and those that will emerge as important issues during the course of the next decade and beyond. With our vast experience spanning a broad array of service areas, we have the flexibility and ability to match your specific needs.


The firm is led by Jeffrey A. Fritz, a police and city management professional and consultant with over 40 years of public service experience.

Jeff is a 32-year veteran of law enforcement with his last two years as Chief of Police. He has over 30 years in supervisory, management, and leadership roles in municipal and state law enforcement agencies and organizations; and over 10 years of program develop-ment, delivery, and training experience in a law enforcement-related environment.

In addition, he has 10 years of city government exper-ience, having served terms as both Mayor and Alderman for a west central Illinois city of over 100 employees.

Through his positions of Police Chief, Mayor, and Deputy Director of a state law enforcement executive training institute,  Jeff has developed a unique blend of expertise and perspectives on the issues and challenges facing law enforcement agencies today.

His diverse array of knowledge and experience equips him to interact with clients and stakeholders at all levels of municipal government, as well as other public safety organizations.


Our elite network of consultants and training specialists are a blend of highly-qualified and experienced subject matter experts, law enforcement leaders, and criminal justice academics from throughout the United States.  

Don't Risk It, PREVENT It!

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