Our primary focus is to work with small to medium-sized law enforcement agencies to build trust while enhancing public safety through the offering of our PREVENT services.

Police Oversight Assistance

Engage us as objective third-party experts to review complaints and findings of internal police investi-gations or conduct independent in-vestigations of allegations of police misconduct.

Review Policies & Procedures

We will conduct an evaluation of your agency's policies, procedures, and training, as well as complaint handling procedures, adjusting or developing policies as needed, aligning measures with accredita-tion standards and national law enforcement best practices.

Emergency Planning

Being unprepared for a disaster can cause a significant impact on an organization, and its ability to respond and recover. Whether you have an existing plan or need to develop a new one, we work with your team to create an emergency response that builds resiliency throughout your organization.

Validating Practices

Law enforcement agencies must continually adapt to the needs of  the community and evolve to incor-porate the best practices available. We offer a wide range of consulting expertise and technical assistance to law enforcement leaders aimed at developing and achieving organ-izational and community goals.

Expert Witness Testimony

If your agency has a need for an expert witness to assist in the defense of a lawsuit or other per-sonnel matter, we provide expert analysis and testimony regarding the actions of law enforcement personnel and their organizations.

Needs Assessment Studies

Management studies can be a pro-active way of preventing lawsuits and reducing your risk of liability. We will conduct an independent audit of your police department's operations, identifying any gaps  and deficiencies, as well as offer  recommendations on operational or administrative concerns.

Training & Course Development

We have extensive experience and expertise in developing and conducting law enforcement leadership training. Our team of professional law enforcement instructors and training specialists are a blend of subject matter experts, innovative criminal justice academics, and practitioners from throughout the United States.