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The  complexities  present  in  law  enforcement and police operations today have caused many citizens, community leaders, and police personnel alike, to recognize the need for more thorough accountability and preventative action regarding both unethical or illegal behavior on the part of law enforcement personnel. Our primary focus is to work with local law enforcement agencies to build trust while enhancing public safety.


The PREVENT Group, LLC is a law enforcement and public safety consulting firm that specializes in serving the needs of small and medium-sized police agencies providing each client practical, cost-effective solutions through the offering of our PREVENT services.


To be a valued partner to our clients and an asset to our communities, building trust while enhancing public safety, provid-ing a support network of diverse consulting services, technical assistance, and training to maximize organizational agility and effectiveness for advancing community-centered policing.


To proactively address the numerous challenges that today's law enforcement agencies face, and those that will emerge during the course of the next decade and beyond, fostering and sustaining police-community trust and relationships.

  • Police Oversight Assistance

  • Recruitment & Testing Services

  • Evaluate Policies & Procedures

  • Verification & Validation Audits

  • Expert Witness Testimony

  • Needs Assessment Studies

  • Training & Course Development

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